1.5 ml, 1 ml tube, PCR Strip Magnetic Separator


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1.5 ml, 1 ml tube, PCR Strip Magnetic Separator

•  Up to 12 X 1.5 ml  microfuge tubes on one side

•  24 positions on the opposite side will accommodate up to (24) 1 ml screwcap tubes on a 9mm center to center distance to match up with 96-Well microplates for easy transferring

•  Works with individual 0.2 mL PCR tubes also

•  Standard 9mm center to center distance on 24 position side also allows for (2) 12 or 8 PCR .2 ml strips

•  Will hold up to (12) 1.5 ml microfuge tubes with a  maximum diameter of 10.85MM

•  Solid aluminum design for durability

•  Volume discounts available, please call or email to request a quote

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