Permagen 0.2 mL PCR Strip Magnetic Separation Rack 8 or 12 Strip

The Permagen 0.2 ml PCR Strip Magnetic Separation Rack 8 or 12 Strip is designed to accommodate up to (2) 0.2 ml PCR strips. Also works with individual 0.2 mL PCR Tubes.

Product Description

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Features – Permagen 0.2 ml PCR Strip Magnetic Separation Rack 8 or 12 Strip

•  Will accommodate (2) 12 or 8 PCR 0.2 ml strips with or without caps

•  Holds individual 0.2 mL PCR tubes without performance loss as well

•  Separate 200 µL undiluted in under 3 min., even faster times can be achieved with lower volumes

•  Tube holes are angled so the PCR strip comes very close to the magnets

•  24 individual, strong neodymium magnets giving each tube its own magnet

•  Solid aluminum construction for precise, trouble free performance eliminating the concern for material inconsistencies or breakage associated with some plastic products on the market

•  Hard-coat anodized finish for durability

•  Rubber feet on bottom to help prevent slipping

•  Made In USA

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Also now available is our PCR Strip Separator to SBS Adapter to convert this unit to a SBS footprint.  View Here

Also available in kit form which includes one of each. View Here 

Part No.: MSR812


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PCR Strip Separator

  • Permagen\'s PCR Strip Magnetic Separation Rack
    Permagen's PCR Strip Magnetic Separation Rack

Time lapse video of our PCR strip magnetic separation rack with 150 µL undiluted. Real time is about two minutes.



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