Permagen 24-Tube Chiller Block

Permagen’s solid aluminum alloy, 24-Tube, SBS compliant chiller block for 1.5ml – 2ml microfuge tubes. Keep your samples chilled when in use or storage.


Product Description

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Features – Permagen 24-Tube Chiller Block

• Keep your samples, in up to 24 microfuge tubes (any tube up to a 10.9 mm dia.), chilled.

• Due to the large thermal mass in comparison to the sample size, once cooled, the 24-tube chiller block will keep your samples chilled while they are being used.

• Often utilized for Genomic applications where temperature sensitive reagents and enzymes are used.

• Can also be used for keeping samples warm.

• Hard-coat anodized finish for durability.

• Fingertip grooves around perimeter for secure grip

• Holes can be laser labeled alphanumerically per request

• SBS footprint (127.7mm X 85.5mm)

• Holes are 18mm X 18mm on center for standard machine definition

• Made In USA

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Part No.: CB024
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