Permagen U Series 96-Well Magnetic Plate

The Permagen U Series 96-Well Magnetic Plate is designed for use with virtually any microplate available today. Includes our strongest magnets for separations of up to 2 mL.


Product Description

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Features – Permagen U Series 96-Well Magnetic Plate

• With the integrated raised corners, the U series handles those microplates requiring a bit more alignment and constraint especially when being used in an automated environment.

• Super strong Neodymium magnets will form about a 4MM ring at the bottom of wells leaving a clean area in the cente

• Compatible with skirted microplates, semi-skirted, or non skirted PCR plates

• Designed to accommodate liquid handling platforms utilizing deeper nests.

• Solid aluminum construction for precise, trouble free performance eliminating the concern for material inconsistencies or breakage associated with some plastic products on the market

• Hard-coat anodized finish for durability

• SBS compliant footprint top and bottom

• Fingertip grooves on sides for secure grip

• Maximum working volume: 2 mL

• Made In USA

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96-Well Magnet Plate

Separation was performed with undiluted AMPure®







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