U Series on Beckman® ALP Stand

From your vision to a finished product…

Permagen Labware works closely with Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM’s) of liquid handling robots, scientists, etc., to deliver superior products for your automation or manual needs.

Specializing in:

• Custom engineering, including CAD design

• Modifications of our current products to fit your application or protocol

• Direct product replacement (we can manufacture your current product)

• Upgraded aluminum alloy magnet plates from your typical plastic ones that are most likely bent giving incosistent results. Upgrade includes tighter tolerances and flatness to replace your current product without the need to rewrite protocol’s etc., producing consistent results. Can also upgrade to our strong NdFeB magnets depending on your needs

• Custom magnetic separation racks

• Heating/ Cooling blocks

• Liquid handling robot products, such as platforms, liquid dispensing troughs, plate nests, etc.

For further information please feel free to contact us

Custom Made 96-Well Tall magnet plate