96-Well Ring Magnet Plate U500


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96-Well Ring Magnet Plate U500

The Permagen 96-well ring magnet plate (U500) is our most universal magnet plate and was designed for use in manual and automation applications. The magnets with form beads into approximately a 4mm ring leaving a clean area at the bottom of the wells.  If you use flat bottom microplates we recommend this magnet plate which will keep the microplate in place.

  • Compatible with nearly all microplates, skirted microplates, and PCR Plates.
  • Designed to accommodate liquid handling platforms utilizing deeper nests
  • SBS compliant footprint top and bottom
  • Contains our strongest magnets for larger volume separations or faster small separations
  • Maximum working volume: 2ml
  • Solid aluminum design for consistent results

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SKU: U500

Compatible with almost any 96-Well microplate
Magnetic Beads are pulled to bottom of wells into ring formations
Performing Separation
Separating Beads into rings leaving about a 4mm clean area at the bottom of the wells
Separation Complete
Works with up to 2 mL deep well plates as well
Closer Look
A closer look at the rings formed at the bottom of the wells. Clean, crisp rings on the inside equals less sample loss

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Compatible with almost any 96-well microplates
Super strong magnets for fast separations
PCR volumes 50- 200µL
Deep well max volumes 2mL
SBS footprint to fit most liquid handlers on bottom
Extend base for deep liquid handlers


Size = 127.75mm x 85.47mm x 14mm Base and inside top corners
Weight = 700g
Magnets = 50 MGO NdFeB
Country of origin = USA
For Research Use Only

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