96-Well Ring Magnet Plate T480


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96-Well Ring Magnet Plate T480

The Permagen 96-well ring magnet plate (T480) was designed for use in manual and automation applications. The magnets with form beads into approximately a 4mm ring leaving a clean area at the bottom of the wells.  If you use flat bottom microplates we recommend our U500 magnet plate which will keep the microplate in place.

  • Specifically designed as a drop in premium, less expensive magnet plate for the Biomek® work stations using same magnets and dimensions. No modifications necessary to your robot or protocol.  No screws, springs, or moving parts to worry about
  • Up to 35% Savings and higher quality than current products on the market
  • Compatible with most round bottom, v-bottom, and PCR Plates.
  • Solid Aluminum Design for consistent results
  • SBS compliant footprint
  • Maximum working volume: 1000µl

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SKU: T480



Compatible with most 96-well microplates
Super strong magnets for fast separations
PCR volumes 50- 200µL
Deep well max volumes 1mL
SBS footprint to fit most liquid handlers


Size = 127.75mm x 85.47mm x 14mm
Weight = 427g
Magnets = 48 MGO NdFeB
Country of origin = USA
For Research Use Only